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Enough with the “Rescues”

Before I begin, let me say that posting to a blog I’ve neglected for 5 years is intimidating. Nevertheless, here goes… “Is she a rescue?” It’s the first thing everyone at the dog park wants to know. When I was … Continue reading

Ever heard of Steve Fonyo?

Ever heard of Steve Fonyo? What about Terry Fox? If you’re like most Canadians, the first name drew either foggy familiarity or a complete blank, while the second drew clear recognition and deep admiration. Actually, both men are arguably Canadian … Continue reading

Love and Light

There’s a magic to summer nights in the woods, and I think it has a lot to do with light. Whether it be the multitudes of stars that appear so far from the light pollution of the city or the … Continue reading

The Outdoor Dog

Mitz, my adolescent Alaskan Husky, lives her life outdoors. By day she runs loose on a hundred acres; by night or when home alone, she’s tied by her doghouse on an 8′ chain. I’ve no concern over her being outdoors … Continue reading

Ride with a Millionaire

It’s odd to recognize a stranger from a story in the paper, but I was sure I did. Thanks to a set of convoluted circumstances, he was giving me a lift to work. Somewhere along the 55km trip, I knew … Continue reading

Wisdom of a Seven-Year-Old Guru

It was starting to look like a bad day. I’d arrived unannounced on a friend’s doorstep on Saturday morning to ask a favour. The original plan had been to stop in at the office to send the e-mail I’d killed … Continue reading

Another Passion…

While I await inspiration for another post, perhaps this will serve to entertain… See more photos: Kai’s Best on TrekEarth

How To Train A Rabbit

By luck of timing, I currently have a couple of friends raising puppies for the first time. As a former dogsledder capping out at over fifty dogs in my yard at one time (yeah, another story), this means I’m getting … Continue reading

The Idiot Coat

I have this awesome Australian Drover coat… you know, the full length trench coats made of oiled canvas? I bought it years ago, in lieu of rain gear for my motorcycle. I figured for a little more money I could … Continue reading

The Surreal Tree of Harmony

Just to state more of the obvious, it does also rain in the Caribbean. When it does, the storm is strong and harsh, often disappearing as suddenly as it arrives. It was during one such downpour, just over a year … Continue reading