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There Might Be Rain

Rainy days are the norm in coastal Alaska, especially in Ketchikan. With an average of 13′ of rain per year, they are the rainfall capitol of the United States. No matter how self-evident the fact that this is beyond any … Continue reading

Canada Day

As an Estonian-Canadian, nationalism hasn’t come easily to me. Growing up, my parents made a concerted effort to be sure I understood what it meant to be Estonian, and rightly so. I’m a big believer that a person’s heritage can … Continue reading

To Capture Perfection

Late one evening at sea several weeks ago, an onboard photographer called me over to a window near her post. As I peered with her at a dazzling sunset of purple and orange, I told her I needed a camera. … Continue reading

South Africa: By One Who’s Never Seen It

One of the peculiarities of ships is the ever-increasing breadth of our circle of friends. As a Torontonian, the odds of my having friends living in every continent would have been incredibly low were it not for ships. It’s a … Continue reading

Lessons from a Lock

It started with a bad padlock. The key I’d been given by my predecessor didn’t work, even after I tried the two methods I usually pursue. First I ignored the problem, hoping it would go away, but the lock did … Continue reading

There’s Something About Alaska

Originally Posted: May 9, 2007 Having spent most of my cruising time in the Caribbean, with a brief jaunt to Europe, I have to say it’s good to be back in Alaska. There are a number of factors that play … Continue reading

Meet Momma Cat

Originally Posted: April 25, 2007 My day started with a question from a guest: How do I say “no” in Acapulcian? I explained in my most courteous tone that Acapulco is in Mexico where the people speak Spanish, not Acapulcian, … Continue reading

A Shot to Remember

Originally Posted: April 19, 2007 At the start of my first contract I was lucky enough to have a wise veteran with a similar outlook explain to me the things that aren’t in the manual. The truest lesson from my … Continue reading

A DIfferent Perspective

Originally posted: April 10, 2007 I never used to take pictures of people… I’d often find candid shots disrespectful, but posed ones felt lifeless. Just recently I’ve started snapping away discreetly at the moments that beckon, but I’m still left … Continue reading